Monday, June 2, 2008

Law School Prep

Okay for those of you who know me, my biggest dream has been to go to Law school. It is funny though because everyone in my life thinks that now that I am married I should have a goal of starting a family (everyone except hubby).

So I started doing my research for the best law school prep classes to take. I thought there were only two. Kaplan and Princeton, but it turns out there are several. The top four are Testmasters, Blue Print and then Kaplan and Princeton. I chose Blueprint.

I took a timed test with my Kaplan book and came up with a 161 as my score. I am aiming at a 173 so a 161 is good, but I want better and BluePrint I feel with do that for me. I am trying not to be a walking advertisement for them.

In other news, We are officially open for visitors. with me being ill, and Hubby working so hard, we had to take our time unpacking and getting the house set up but now that we are all settled and organized, we are open for visitors. I can't wait to have people over. It get's lonely sitting at home all day.

I joined a gym, and I am part of two book clubs. I also go to the library and now that the weather is better I go to the Park.

So I came up with my list of law schools I am looking at

1. Columbia (as always this was my first choice)
2. University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)
3. Universy of Chicago
4. Norte Dame
5. Fordham
6. Rutgers (Camden)
7. University of Pennsylvania
8. Ave Maria
9. Cornell (Ithaca)
10. NYU

so far that is my list. I plan to apply to as many as I possibly can. I signed up for the LSAC thingy and well now that the boat is on it's way, I can't turn back now. Wish me luck!!!!

Just for the record:
Who gives a shit if Lindsey Lohan is gay or not? I mean we have an election coming up and Hillary Clinton will not quit and all you hear is "is Lindsey Lohan gay?" like seriously america get real!

P.S: Just for the record, I am throwing an election party at my crib, in November. so plan to come people. Pro OBAMA supporters only and please dont' egg my house!


That's right!
After one full year, I have decided to return to the world that is blogging and continue my rant. So what have I been up to well here goes

I got a job working for this really small but very interesting insurance company. What started out as the best job after college soon went down hill into the biggest nightmare ever. But in June i didn't know that so here I was just doing my "thing" as we say and typing away, trying to learn the ropes. Two weeks into the month of June (when I just started) one of the girls quit. Leaving only three of us to run an office with over 500 clients.

I was mad stressed out. I felt betrayed alot this month and tried my best to keep a happy face. I felt lost and regretted many decisions about the wedding plans that I had made. Most especially going to Nigeria because I found out my biggest supports (sisters) didn't get the necessary clearance by INS to attend my nuptials. I wanted to cancel my wedding and well a lot of friendships were broken because of this. Needless to say my work was becoming even more stressful. I am not going to regale you with tales of who I lost faith in and why but I will tell you that even now I haven't yet spoken my mind...

O my god! It was the best day of my life! Even though some people tried to ruin it for me, but I brushed thier foolishness aside and focused on enjoying it. I had the ladies in red and the guys in black and I was looking gorgeous. We had a huge turnout like I expected and well I was on a plan the next day back to the states.

Was spent at the reception which by the way turned out to be a huge success too! Lots and Lots of great memories and beautiful pictures and just recuperating. I had some issues to sort out with some people and some new business ventures dropped into my lap. After returning from my wedding, my work situation took a heavy loss as one of the best workers was fired. I had to start contemplating new business ventures. We had another bat in our apartment. That was the last straw. Baby and I (now Hubby and I ) had to move

Lots of Nigerian partys. I spent the better part of the year traveling from place to pace and visiting various people. We also started planning huge nigerian parties. The sense of betrayal from Nigeria began to grow at this point when I saw the pictures and I sunk into a deep sadness I couldn't shake. I quit my job and started job hunting in my new city

The big move from CT to NJ and settling in. Married life is great. I have this really supportive spouse who wanted me to launch my business idea. I have been so hesitant to go back and get certified as an event planner and he kept saying look you need to do this because you are great!!!! God I love him so much! anyway, getting settled, furniture shopping and spending mullah made from dancing at the wedding!!!!

Trip to the "rents for Christmas, Trip to Indy for Fusion, Trip to Poconos for so R and R, I think we shall return.

Begining a new year!!!! Health problems ( woult go into details) begin to arrive! I am thrust into intense pain, lots of tests and weakness. Hair loss begins. I start taking pills for the pain and keep it a secret.

Visit Bmore, weight gain like crazy (because of pills and health problems) Still am not working but assisted on a project. Surgery scheduled for sometime in March. Nervous but Hubby is supportive.

Realized that some friendships are meant to die and fade. Realized that when things get really bad those that love you will care and support you. Resentment and anger from the wedding beginning to disappear into regret. Discovered a gem right under my nose and learned to love and trust again. Operation a success but recuperation and health still failing. Weight gain now 220pounds. Surprised that I finally have stretch marks

Begin nutritionist recommended diet and excercise. Still undergoing tests. Doctors unsure of what else to do but give my body time. Still on pills and working out. Weight loss 10 pounds excited

Graduations, parties and more! Visit the Pocono's again! We gotta come back!!!! weight loss 30 pounds!!! Yeah total of 30 lost. Doctor's optimistic. Joined a gym, got my NJ driver's liscense. and signed up for Law School Prep. Lost A LOT of friends on the way and that pains me but life must trudge on...

So that is where we are at people

My health is getting back on track which is great. The Dr.'s are still testing so I am being poked and prodded almost every other week. I have the greatest husband in the world and I love him more and more. I found this amazing Nigerian tailor and I have been taking sewing classes with her. I am excited about this new chapter that I am going to begin.

Friday, May 18, 2007

The End of a Chapter the Beginning of a New Day

So this is the last post on Requiem of College Days.

Why you might ask? Because Poetic Justice is graduating on Sunday. That's right. I managed to graduate with a 3.8 GPA and I am proud of it. Bite me all you haters that said I was to old and couldn't make it. Well guess what I did!!

So you can catch LadyB as she reincarnates to that Poetic person she was meant to be. NO more drama people. I am no moving to

Laterz and Enjoy your Summer, Year and Life!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Welcome to the New Me

I had to take my blog down for a while since I was re-incarnating myself. My other blogs have also been re-done including my poetry blog which is Feel free to check that out.

Anyway, what has been happening.

Well So many things! Finally I can work! I got a job offer with an employment benefits company and I was hired into an executive position which I wasn't expecting but because of certian situations, I wasn't sure I could get the job and then boom I got a call, got an offer, negotiated for a better pay and then I got the job. Wow! God is good.

Things seem to falling in place for me and Baby now. I have released all my anger and issues with people and let that be. And of course, despite my professor's angst against me, LadyB is graduating (finally) from college. I was thinking today that at some point a few years ago I thought I would never get out of college but look at me now, I am graduating! Yeah!!!!

In other news, we are all set for the wedding in Nigeria. Yes I tok Wedding Wars down because it was also some negative energy there as well. So anyway, I have officially bought my ticket to Nigeria and I am going home. I haven't been home in over 7 years and to think that I am finally going to get on a plane and go home is overwhelming me.

I am also going to fully dedicate myself to Firerepublic now. I began taking my classes again and should have my liscense and certification by July. So that is exciting.

Baby and I started ordering the crap for the wedding including paper for the program and invites, candles, favors etc. Our house is beginning to get boxes of crap much to his dissatisfaction but my excitement. Life is turning around people and I am excited. Yesterday I actually woke up and smiled. I am not a morning person but I woke up smiling. Yes! I am happy. Welcome to the new me...

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Moving Again!!!

Call me superficial, call me prissy, call me DIVA! Whatever you want to call me.
10 Things I love about my current living environment
1. The fact that I have two fireplaces
2. The size of the master bedroom
3. The office space I set up in the front room
4. The size of my kitchen
5. The plush carpet

And that is where my ten things I love ends at number 5 and even the number five was a stretch. I have convinced Baby that moving is necessary for my sanity.

Why I want to move you may ask, well just look at the top five reasons and lets brake that down.
1. The fact that the two fireplaces don't work and my landlady said that we need to pay for them to work out of our own pocket. What the f#@#

2. The size of the master bedroom is nice but then the shape is not condusive to furniture, but I wasn't upset about that until I decided to get a King Size bed and the delivery man said they have to return it because it can't fit in my room with the odd angle

3. The office space is always cold because there is not heat in the front of the house. My space heater uses up electricity jacking up my electric bill. My landlady isn't even responding or addressing this situation

4.The kitchen is my main beef besides the bathroom. I hate the kitchen. The size is great but I hate the flooring which has yet to be changed and the backsplash which the former tenants decided to put wallpaper on. Instead of removing the wallpaper the scraped some parts of it off and left ithe rest just dangling. It looks like a botched home improvement project. To worsen it, I offered to fix the problem but it will cost more money. There is always a draft in the kitchen hence paying over 300 dollars in heating bills for the last three months. That is 300 dollars I could have used to buy shit for the wedding

5. The bathroom is another heating bill increaser. It is always cold. And I hate the whole shower door thing. I am used to curtains and nice bathroom oasis. Yes I admit I have lived in luxury for a far too long

6. The carpeting is annoying. It is blue but we all know that blue doesn't look so good when people have walked all over it. And even though it is plush...Well let's just say that I spent the better part of my weekend washing the damn carpet with a carpet cleaner. I have finals. I Can't be doing this shit!

7. Oh! and did I mention that you can hear everything that goes on upstairs! from waking up to "sex -a- pades" to the f-ing neighbors dog barking at whatever comes his way. Don't worry I still love animals but I don't need to stay awake all night hearing them when I am supposed to get up at 6:00am. And what about the said neighbor still feels it necessary to leave his dog poop right underneath my window and on the front stoop near my first floor door. So that when the rain is pouring as it has been for the last few days, I get to trudge mud and fucking dog shit into my car and my home. Which doesn't help the situation of cleaning the carpet ! UGH!

8. Did I mention that the stove in the kitchen is a piece of shit! which she promised to replace and when I called to talk to her about it she said "that isn't my problem" What the f--- do you mean tht that isn't your problem. You are the landlady for god's sake
So after presenting my case and the fact that every day when I wake up I am pissed off at the living conditions and our landlady's continuous promise to fix shit and never doing it. Baby has given in.

I just don't feel that for the amount that I am paying I am getting the service I deserve. And for that I am truly upset. I feel that I should be treated better and be given better service. And I am ashamed to invite people to my home because it doesn't measure up to the standard that I feel it should be.

We are moving in June. Short and simple. I found this apartment complex in Danbury that is newly built. Go figure. So I made an appointment. It isn't Avalon but it works. I made an appointment and I am going to check it out.

I know this is crazy considering the fact that we just moved in November and the fact I have school, a wedding, law school etc to contend with. But seriously, I refuse to start my life with Baby in this hovel. Baby agrees that if we are paying the amount that we are, we should get better service. I second the feeling!

Now on to more important things

Bye Bye Sanjaya!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's a Lie

Okay I got this from T's world and I just have to say this is a lie. Far from it!

Your Birthdate: August 16

You're incredibly introverted and introspective. You live inside your head.
You spend a lot of alone time meditating and thinking.
People see you as withdrawn, and at times they are right.
You are caring and deep, but it may be difficult for you to show this side of yourself.

Your strength: Your original approach to thinking

Your weakness: You tend to shy away from others

Your power color: Pale blue

Your power symbol: Wavy line

Your power month: July

The Crisis Continues, as People remain ignorant

This is a continuation of my rant

Why are we so racist?

I am sorry for being so annoyed by the portrayal of the tragedy at Virginia Tech by the Media. First of all the kid was sick but does that mean that every time you come on my screen you have to tell me he was Asian. I mean the same treatment black people get when they commit a crime is simple "A Black male..." "an Asian decent, South Korean ...". How racial divided we are as a culture!

And now the stupidity of the people in my school
So after the news broke of the shooting I was in the computer lab yesterday morning. And we are all reading this horrific detail of the number dead etc. As people are talking about how sad it was etc. this "Asian guy" who just happens to be a quiet person walks into the computer lab and you could have heard a pin drop. I mean people started averting eyes and all conversation ended. Of course I being the one person who didn't get the reasoning was like "Hey W----, what's up?"

He was beat red and mumbled a greeting and walked out of the computer lab and everyone just sat there, ignorant and quiet and staring after him.

Foolishness. it's not like my friend here was the shooter. Unfortunately that is what people see when they see the news. There was a very disturbed person in Virginia Tech, management didn't take the necessary persuasions to safe guard the student population, many people lost their lives and dumb idiots at my school can only think of the quiet Asian kid who doesn't bother anyone and is an A student in my school.

I know this may sound stupid but please! This is exactly what happened after 9/11. We racially profile and put people in corners. I did it in High School with the guy and his Trench coat (Jason T.) and we are doing it again. It is taught to us to put people in groups and profile them. Remember when you were a kid and all you cared about was that you had a friend! You didn't see color until you parents, uncles, aunts etc started harping on the fact that this person was white or this person was black. For many of us it was tribalism. I mean you have igbo friend or look at that person they are ijebu and stingy!

Abeg oh!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I heard this song "broken" yesterday and I got teary. Wow! I have some serious emotional issues going on. I mean I had heard the song before but I didn't know the words until yesterday. And the funny thing is I don't know who sings it so help me out people

The tune is stuck in my head

Another thing that is stuck in my head is Family Guy. The episode where Peter Griffin is high and for some reason he starts touching Stewie's head and says "how you doing that?" Baby has been repeating that line for like a week now and now it is stuck in my head

I need to get seriously filtered!

In other news, what is this country coming too? I remember when I was in High School and the whole Columbine incident happened, I remember walking around and any student with a trenchcoat was suspect. I mean the trenchcoat and long hair deal became your MO to be a killer. And now? Now we are staring at every Asian kid in our school wondering when they are going to pull out a weapon. For those of you who don't get my flow, at Virginia tech some crazy kid let loose and shot up the school.

I keep wondering that many of those kids when they woke up that morning didn't think they would end up dead or with a bullet. It was just another regular day. I take so much in my life for granted. who's to say that some crazy idiot isn't going to shoot up my suburbian school.

Anyway, I think we need to filter out a lot in our society and in our minds. Just pray for those who are not with us anymore and for those who committed the crime, well pray for thier asses too!

Thursday, April 12, 2007




In other news I failed my test. For the first time in my life as a student I am so close to actually getting a D as a final grade. I went to my teachers office and cried my eyes out! She said she will see if we can do some extra credit work to move me to a B+ or something.

Good news is that i got an Interview! I am so happy I got three interviews with three companies so I am excited. I am about to do an overhaul of my blog which will probably annoy some of my readers, but I am about to re-invent my blog all over again. Because college days are about to disapper come May, we have to blog something new.
I know I said I would stop blogging but people I am addicted to you!

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