Monday, June 2, 2008


That's right!
After one full year, I have decided to return to the world that is blogging and continue my rant. So what have I been up to well here goes

I got a job working for this really small but very interesting insurance company. What started out as the best job after college soon went down hill into the biggest nightmare ever. But in June i didn't know that so here I was just doing my "thing" as we say and typing away, trying to learn the ropes. Two weeks into the month of June (when I just started) one of the girls quit. Leaving only three of us to run an office with over 500 clients.

I was mad stressed out. I felt betrayed alot this month and tried my best to keep a happy face. I felt lost and regretted many decisions about the wedding plans that I had made. Most especially going to Nigeria because I found out my biggest supports (sisters) didn't get the necessary clearance by INS to attend my nuptials. I wanted to cancel my wedding and well a lot of friendships were broken because of this. Needless to say my work was becoming even more stressful. I am not going to regale you with tales of who I lost faith in and why but I will tell you that even now I haven't yet spoken my mind...

O my god! It was the best day of my life! Even though some people tried to ruin it for me, but I brushed thier foolishness aside and focused on enjoying it. I had the ladies in red and the guys in black and I was looking gorgeous. We had a huge turnout like I expected and well I was on a plan the next day back to the states.

Was spent at the reception which by the way turned out to be a huge success too! Lots and Lots of great memories and beautiful pictures and just recuperating. I had some issues to sort out with some people and some new business ventures dropped into my lap. After returning from my wedding, my work situation took a heavy loss as one of the best workers was fired. I had to start contemplating new business ventures. We had another bat in our apartment. That was the last straw. Baby and I (now Hubby and I ) had to move

Lots of Nigerian partys. I spent the better part of the year traveling from place to pace and visiting various people. We also started planning huge nigerian parties. The sense of betrayal from Nigeria began to grow at this point when I saw the pictures and I sunk into a deep sadness I couldn't shake. I quit my job and started job hunting in my new city

The big move from CT to NJ and settling in. Married life is great. I have this really supportive spouse who wanted me to launch my business idea. I have been so hesitant to go back and get certified as an event planner and he kept saying look you need to do this because you are great!!!! God I love him so much! anyway, getting settled, furniture shopping and spending mullah made from dancing at the wedding!!!!

Trip to the "rents for Christmas, Trip to Indy for Fusion, Trip to Poconos for so R and R, I think we shall return.

Begining a new year!!!! Health problems ( woult go into details) begin to arrive! I am thrust into intense pain, lots of tests and weakness. Hair loss begins. I start taking pills for the pain and keep it a secret.

Visit Bmore, weight gain like crazy (because of pills and health problems) Still am not working but assisted on a project. Surgery scheduled for sometime in March. Nervous but Hubby is supportive.

Realized that some friendships are meant to die and fade. Realized that when things get really bad those that love you will care and support you. Resentment and anger from the wedding beginning to disappear into regret. Discovered a gem right under my nose and learned to love and trust again. Operation a success but recuperation and health still failing. Weight gain now 220pounds. Surprised that I finally have stretch marks

Begin nutritionist recommended diet and excercise. Still undergoing tests. Doctors unsure of what else to do but give my body time. Still on pills and working out. Weight loss 10 pounds excited

Graduations, parties and more! Visit the Pocono's again! We gotta come back!!!! weight loss 30 pounds!!! Yeah total of 30 lost. Doctor's optimistic. Joined a gym, got my NJ driver's liscense. and signed up for Law School Prep. Lost A LOT of friends on the way and that pains me but life must trudge on...

So that is where we are at people

My health is getting back on track which is great. The Dr.'s are still testing so I am being poked and prodded almost every other week. I have the greatest husband in the world and I love him more and more. I found this amazing Nigerian tailor and I have been taking sewing classes with her. I am excited about this new chapter that I am going to begin.

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Lady A said...

Where have you been!? I know you were busy with the wedding and everything. How have you been. I hope you are ok...pls stop by and drop a line so I know that all is well with you.
Let me know how the wedding went...

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