Thursday, April 19, 2007

Moving Again!!!

Call me superficial, call me prissy, call me DIVA! Whatever you want to call me.
10 Things I love about my current living environment
1. The fact that I have two fireplaces
2. The size of the master bedroom
3. The office space I set up in the front room
4. The size of my kitchen
5. The plush carpet

And that is where my ten things I love ends at number 5 and even the number five was a stretch. I have convinced Baby that moving is necessary for my sanity.

Why I want to move you may ask, well just look at the top five reasons and lets brake that down.
1. The fact that the two fireplaces don't work and my landlady said that we need to pay for them to work out of our own pocket. What the f#@#

2. The size of the master bedroom is nice but then the shape is not condusive to furniture, but I wasn't upset about that until I decided to get a King Size bed and the delivery man said they have to return it because it can't fit in my room with the odd angle

3. The office space is always cold because there is not heat in the front of the house. My space heater uses up electricity jacking up my electric bill. My landlady isn't even responding or addressing this situation

4.The kitchen is my main beef besides the bathroom. I hate the kitchen. The size is great but I hate the flooring which has yet to be changed and the backsplash which the former tenants decided to put wallpaper on. Instead of removing the wallpaper the scraped some parts of it off and left ithe rest just dangling. It looks like a botched home improvement project. To worsen it, I offered to fix the problem but it will cost more money. There is always a draft in the kitchen hence paying over 300 dollars in heating bills for the last three months. That is 300 dollars I could have used to buy shit for the wedding

5. The bathroom is another heating bill increaser. It is always cold. And I hate the whole shower door thing. I am used to curtains and nice bathroom oasis. Yes I admit I have lived in luxury for a far too long

6. The carpeting is annoying. It is blue but we all know that blue doesn't look so good when people have walked all over it. And even though it is plush...Well let's just say that I spent the better part of my weekend washing the damn carpet with a carpet cleaner. I have finals. I Can't be doing this shit!

7. Oh! and did I mention that you can hear everything that goes on upstairs! from waking up to "sex -a- pades" to the f-ing neighbors dog barking at whatever comes his way. Don't worry I still love animals but I don't need to stay awake all night hearing them when I am supposed to get up at 6:00am. And what about the said neighbor still feels it necessary to leave his dog poop right underneath my window and on the front stoop near my first floor door. So that when the rain is pouring as it has been for the last few days, I get to trudge mud and fucking dog shit into my car and my home. Which doesn't help the situation of cleaning the carpet ! UGH!

8. Did I mention that the stove in the kitchen is a piece of shit! which she promised to replace and when I called to talk to her about it she said "that isn't my problem" What the f--- do you mean tht that isn't your problem. You are the landlady for god's sake
So after presenting my case and the fact that every day when I wake up I am pissed off at the living conditions and our landlady's continuous promise to fix shit and never doing it. Baby has given in.

I just don't feel that for the amount that I am paying I am getting the service I deserve. And for that I am truly upset. I feel that I should be treated better and be given better service. And I am ashamed to invite people to my home because it doesn't measure up to the standard that I feel it should be.

We are moving in June. Short and simple. I found this apartment complex in Danbury that is newly built. Go figure. So I made an appointment. It isn't Avalon but it works. I made an appointment and I am going to check it out.

I know this is crazy considering the fact that we just moved in November and the fact I have school, a wedding, law school etc to contend with. But seriously, I refuse to start my life with Baby in this hovel. Baby agrees that if we are paying the amount that we are, we should get better service. I second the feeling!

Now on to more important things

Bye Bye Sanjaya!

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