Friday, May 11, 2007

Welcome to the New Me

I had to take my blog down for a while since I was re-incarnating myself. My other blogs have also been re-done including my poetry blog which is Feel free to check that out.

Anyway, what has been happening.

Well So many things! Finally I can work! I got a job offer with an employment benefits company and I was hired into an executive position which I wasn't expecting but because of certian situations, I wasn't sure I could get the job and then boom I got a call, got an offer, negotiated for a better pay and then I got the job. Wow! God is good.

Things seem to falling in place for me and Baby now. I have released all my anger and issues with people and let that be. And of course, despite my professor's angst against me, LadyB is graduating (finally) from college. I was thinking today that at some point a few years ago I thought I would never get out of college but look at me now, I am graduating! Yeah!!!!

In other news, we are all set for the wedding in Nigeria. Yes I tok Wedding Wars down because it was also some negative energy there as well. So anyway, I have officially bought my ticket to Nigeria and I am going home. I haven't been home in over 7 years and to think that I am finally going to get on a plane and go home is overwhelming me.

I am also going to fully dedicate myself to Firerepublic now. I began taking my classes again and should have my liscense and certification by July. So that is exciting.

Baby and I started ordering the crap for the wedding including paper for the program and invites, candles, favors etc. Our house is beginning to get boxes of crap much to his dissatisfaction but my excitement. Life is turning around people and I am excited. Yesterday I actually woke up and smiled. I am not a morning person but I woke up smiling. Yes! I am happy. Welcome to the new me...


Vixen said...

All great news. Welcome back to the Blogosphere. What is fire republic?

Lady A said...

I am so proud of you!

Milan said...

Cul blog u have! Check out my new blog>

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