Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I heard this song "broken" yesterday and I got teary. Wow! I have some serious emotional issues going on. I mean I had heard the song before but I didn't know the words until yesterday. And the funny thing is I don't know who sings it so help me out people

The tune is stuck in my head

Another thing that is stuck in my head is Family Guy. The episode where Peter Griffin is high and for some reason he starts touching Stewie's head and says "how you doing that?" Baby has been repeating that line for like a week now and now it is stuck in my head

I need to get seriously filtered!

In other news, what is this country coming too? I remember when I was in High School and the whole Columbine incident happened, I remember walking around and any student with a trenchcoat was suspect. I mean the trenchcoat and long hair deal became your MO to be a killer. And now? Now we are staring at every Asian kid in our school wondering when they are going to pull out a weapon. For those of you who don't get my flow, at Virginia tech some crazy kid let loose and shot up the school.

I keep wondering that many of those kids when they woke up that morning didn't think they would end up dead or with a bullet. It was just another regular day. I take so much in my life for granted. who's to say that some crazy idiot isn't going to shoot up my suburbian school.

Anyway, I think we need to filter out a lot in our society and in our minds. Just pray for those who are not with us anymore and for those who committed the crime, well pray for thier asses too!

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